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Ruffin Galactic

Innovative data solutions for organizations

Transforming Your Organization's Use of Data

At Ruffin Galactic, we turn data into actionable insights and tailored machine-learning solutions. We aim to help small and medium-sized businesses leverage data for cost savings and enhanced decision-making.

In the evolving field of managed analytics, Ruffin Galactic stands out. We offer solutions that give businesses a competitive edge. Choosing Managed Analytics with us is not just about services; it's about gaining a strategic advantage.

Your business can focus on core activities by partnering with us for your data analytics needs. This partnership offers access to advanced analytics capabilities, leading to faster, informed decisions and a more agile business operation.

Our strategic emphasis on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is driven by its exceptional analytic capabilities, aligning with our commitment to provide advanced solutions. This focus is bolstered by the unique insights of our CEO and Founder, an early Google team member. With nearly 15 years of direct experience in GCP, we are uniquely positioned to harness its full potential.

When you collaborate with Ruffin Galactic, you're not just selecting a provider. You're choosing a partner committed to delivering impactful business results.

Meet our team members

Meet the team behind Ruffin Galactic

Our Values

The Values Behind Our Work

Our work is guided by the core values of accountability, innovation, growth, and execution to ensure exceptional client outcomes.


We own our actions and deliver on our promises.


We push boundaries to find novel and creative solutions.


We take decisive action to achieve meaningful results.


We foster an environment of continuous learning to reach new heights.

We are a registered Federal Contractor


Primary NAICS: 518210 - Computing Infrastructure Providers, Data Processing, Web Hosting, And Related Services
Secondary NAICS: 541511, 541512, 541620, 541690, 541990
USFCR Verified Vendor
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