Demo: Data Visualization -- Superset

Example of Dashboarding with Superset

About Ruffin Galactic Industries

At Ruffin Galactic, we specialize in turning complex data into clear, actionable insights swiftly with our Managed Analytics services. Our robust data stack is built with leading open-source tools like Dagster for workflow orchestration, dbt for data transformation, and your choice ofSuperset or Metabase for intuitive data visualization. This integration ensures a seamless transition from data ingestion to insightful visualization, empowering businesses with efficiency and accuracy from day two.

Superset, a core component of our visualization layer, allows for the creation of custom dashboards that are as versatile as they are secure. With its wide array of charting options, advanced security features, and built-in statistical functions, Superset enables us to present complex data narratives in a comprehensible and interactive format.

Google BigQuery elevates our data solutions with its serverless, highly scalable architecture, enabling rapid analysis of vast datasets and accelerating insightful decision-making. Its seamless integration and real-time analytics capabilities empower our team to deliver sophisticated, interactive dashboards and reports. With robust security features and unmatched query performance, BigQuery ensures our clients receive the most efficient and protected access to their data insights.

Choose Ruffin Galactic for a data-driven partnership that promises not only to streamline your data processes but also to safeguard and maximize your data's potential. Let us help you leverage the true power of your data, driving informed decision-making and fostering sustainable growth.

Tracking the Sun

solar arrays

Berkeley Lab’s annual Tracking the Sun report describes trends among grid-connected, distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) and paired PV+storage systems in the United States, aiming to enhance the understanding and development of the solar energy market.

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